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Martin Pohl Wines logo, selling natural wine in California and wine tasting in Middletown

The energetic spiral of Martin Pohl Wines is inspired by the dynamization process of activating Biodynamic preparations. What it represents is the infinite connection between all things in the Universe. Our wine honors a commitment to be in harmony with Mother Nature. We maintain a symbiotic relationship with the entire ecosystem of the land we farm. From the vine to the bottle, all of our practices are of the highest integrity.

 At Martin Pohl Wines it is our mission to create a wine that has been carefully curated from the farming and cellar practices to the bottle. We are committed to educate people about the differences in organic and biodynamic farming and winemaking and how it contributes to a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle. We are dedicated to working with vineyards that are certified organic or biodynamic and committed to regenerative agriculture.

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